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S19 The 2019 version of our S-Model, the S19 comes with all the…
€ 1.595,00
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T19 The 2019 version of our T-Model, the T19 comes with all the…
€ 1.595,00
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R19 The 2019 version of our R-Model, the R19 comes with all the…
€ 1.899,00
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J19 The 2019 version of our J-Model, the J19 comes with all the…
€ 1.799,00
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PB19 The 2019 version of our PB-Model, the PB19 comes with all…
€ 1.695,00
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PB19SC The 2019 version of our PBSC-Model, the PB19SC comes with…
€ 1.695,00
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JB19 The 2019 version of our JB-Model, the JB19 comes with all…
€ 1.695,00






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B19 Benjamin TV White Super lightweight mahogany, abony fretboard, RGTH 60's…
€ 1.495,00

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Butcher Matt Black Specs: 2pc Louisiana Swamp Ash body, handselected Matt Black…
€ 1.899,00 € 1.099,00

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About us

We are a small custom shop, based in The Hague – the Netherlands. We build guitars both on special demand and in small series. Our main goal is to craft affordable guitars.. That’s why you won’t find any € 3000,- guitar in our workshop. We believe in fair pricing. Value for money.

Our guitars and basses don’t look just old, they sound and play old as well. We’re proud to build every instrument by hand the way they did back in the glory days.


Relic Guitars The Hague Tele Deluxe 2016 Black nitro

Dec 20th, 2017 by Eric K.

Relic Guitars The Hague R'58 Single Cut 2018 Aged Faded Tobacco Burst

Nov 17th, 2018 by Brian J.




Vlietweg 15 – 2266 KA  Leidschendam
The Netherlands


BTW/VAT: NL854966006B01

KVK/Chamber of Commerce: 62809741
IBAN-EUR: NL09INGB0006798879

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