Thanks for interest in the RGTH Endorsement Program. We recognize the value of having ambassadors for our and appreciate support and feedback from top performers.

For us, endorsement is a two-way street where both parties should benefit from the arrangement. Basically getting a special deal for RGTH instruments in exchange for exposure and positive referencing.

To be able to evaluate the impact from a potential endorsement we look at factors like visibility, popularity, influence and professionalism. For that reason we ask you to complete the application below. If your profile and specific product request fit our criteria we will respond with a proposal for a formal agreement.

There are a few things you need to know up front:

  • Beginning bands and artist are just as welcome as multi platina award winning artist.
  • Being part of the family is more important than hard sales, views or streams.
  • We don't give away guitars or basses for free. Never. And to no one. You will, however, get a huge discount and many more premium services.

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