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€ 1.449,00 (including VAT 21%)
In stock - Delivery 8 - 10 weeks
Net weight 3,50 Kg
Gross weight 5,00 Kg

Our T-Model, the T19 comes with all the specs you've ever wished for.

A 2pc US Red Alder body, a vintage correct neckprofile and radius, small vintage frets, Kluson ashtray bridge with brass saddles, high quality electronics, our own custom made RGTH pickups and of course thin layered nitro cellulose finish.

Standard specs:

  • 2pc US Red Alder body, handselected.
  • Super thin nitro cellulose laqcuer in correct colors.
  • Roadworn, medium or heavy distressed. Optional brand new shiny finish.
  • A range of available pickguard colors.
  • Kluson ashtray bridge with 3 brass saddles..
  • Custom made RGTH pickups in smooth 50's style or punchy 60's tone. (Lollar or Fralin set optional)
  • CTS Pots, pull back cloth wire, Orange Drop capacitor, Switchcraft jack
  • Vintage profile (chuncky C) neck with 7.25" radius and vintage size frets (small).
  • Shaft wood Canadian Maple, fretboard in Canadian Maple or Rosewood (CITES Permit included)
  • Kluson vintage tuners
  • NuBone nut



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