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in stock
PB19 Seafoam Green over CAR The 2019 version of our PB-Model, the PB19 comes with all…
€ 1.450,00
Not in stock
Tommy Veenstra!
PB TV Sonic Blue Standard specs: 2pc US Red Alder body, handselected. Super…
€ 1.595,00
Not in stock
€ 700 discount!
R19 - RR inspired Standard specs Model R19 TV White on a thick plain top.…
€ 1.899,00 € 1.199,00
Not in stock
€ 600,- discount!
PB19 Black Ex Demo model. Now in stock and for sale! Standard specs:…
€ 1.799,00 € 1.199,00
Not in stock
Ex Demo! 30% off!
T19 2t Sunburst Specs: 2pc US Red Alder body, handselected Super thin…
€ 1.350,00
Not in stock
36% Discount!
Butcher Matt Black Specs: 2pc Louisiana Swamp Ash body, handselected Matt Black…
€ 1.899,00 € 1.099,00
Not in stock

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