Tommy Veenstra!
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PB TV Sonic Blue

€ 1.595,00 (including VAT 21%)
Not in stock

Standard specs:

  • 2pc US Red Alder body, handselected.
  • Super thin nitro cellulose laqcuer in Sonic Blue
  • Roadworn finish, just like Tommy Veenstra
  • Gold Anodized pickguard
  • Vintage 4-saddles bridge
  • Seymour Duncan SPB1 pickups
  • CTS Pots, pull back cloth wire, Orange Drop capacitor
  • Vintage profile PB-neck
  • Shaft wood Canadian Maple, fretboard in Ebony
  • Gotoh vintage tuners
  • Bone nut

Special limited run Tommy Veenstra (Lucas Hamming / Jack & The Weatherman / Eddy Zoey) signature bass.
Last one in stock!

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